Sticky Ball Rush

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How To Play: Sticky Ball Rush

Using Mouse

About Sticky Ball Rush

Welcome to the Stickball Rush! Your mission in life is to collect as many balls as possible. Sticky balls will fly at you from every direction and if you're not quick enough to avoid them, they'll stick themselves to your hands and feet and slow you down. If you get hit by more than one ball at once, you'll take damage. In this arcade game, all you can do is run and jump your way to collecting sticks of all shapes, sizes, and colors! You can either run through levels playing as fast as lightning or challenge yourself with endless running and jumping

It’s sticky ball rush! Grab the ball and run as fast as you can. Avoid the obstacles and get as far as possible. Collect power-ups to run faster, grab more balls or shoot a sticky ball at other players. Sticky Ball Rush is an arcade game where your goal is to get as many balls as possible by running them over them with a car or truck. The fewer balls that are in play, the harder it will be to win. Stick around for the bonus

You are a sticky ball and you need to get as far as you can by avoiding or collecting other sticky balls. You have only one life! How to play? - Tap the ball to start moving it. - When you touch another ball, it will change into a new ball. - There are also other obstacles like trees, walls and dogs that will slow you down. Use your strategy and speed to reach the highest score on this addictive