Color Tunnel 2

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How To Play: Color Tunnel 2

Using Mouse

About Color Tunnel 2

There are many types of Magic: the Gathering. Some players prefer the slower, more strategic aspects of the game; others enjoy a more action-based experience. Many people just like playing games. Our team over at Cartoon Network loves to create fun and engaging experiences that anyone can enjoy. The latest addition to our Magic: the Gathering game is called “Tunnel Vision” and it’s a must play for any fan of CCG’s! GamesBeat’s Walt Hickey wrote about how Tunnel Vision was created during his trip to New York City last year, and he talked about his experience at the event in this article on GamesBeat TechCast. It seems as though there are few things left to fear for competitive Magic players who want to play with friends — well, almost nothing. And now that Wizards of the Coast has created official rules for competitive Magic events, anyone can host their own events with ease. Tunnel Vision is a strategy game where players take turns sending their opponent into oblivion with mystical cards called tunnels. The player who SAVES the most points at the end of each match win! As you might imagine, it requires some strategy as players plan ahead which tunnels to send their opponent down and how many times they can recur them in one turn. But don’t worry — Cartoon Network fans will love this fast-paced version of Magic where anyone can get

You can now color your own matchstick men in this new and improved version of the classic game! Use the paintbrush to give each stick its own unique personality. Start by painting one stick blue and then add a yellow stripe, a red stripe, and so on until you've created a spectrum of matching blue sticks. The more colors you use, the more awesome and sturdy your colored matchstick men will become. Color Tunnel is a fun and simple way to bring some color into your life. Let's get