Slope 2 Player

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How To Play: Slope 2 Player

Using Mouse

About Slope 2 Player

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Game Modes: Vs. AI, Co-Op, Survival Slope 2 Player, game, is an action-adventure game with a strong emphasis on exploration and discovery. Build your base to explore the world, craft equipment to aid you in your journey, and make friends or foes as you go from one challenge to the next. You can expect over 40 areas to explore in this game with more being discovered regularly. 

The Coaster is a 2-player game. It’s a “slope” game and not too many people know about it. It’s one of the most overlooked games in board gaming and a great time waster as well. What is it? It’s just a fun little game where players try to reach the top of a rollercoaster ride by matching up their colored platforms. Sounds simple, right? Let's get started!