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How To Play: zBall

Using Mouse

About zBall

When you think of a sport, chances are it doesn’t come to mind right away. Just because you don’t typically think of basketball or football doesn’t mean they aren’t played on the court or field of play. In fact, those two sports have more similarities than differences when it comes to their playing fields. Both basketball and football are similar in that both involve moving the ball with a team of players at different times in a short amount of time. One key difference between the two sports though is how the ball is handled during play. Football requires its players to handle the ball with their hands, while basketball players must use their hands, arms and/or feet to make contact with the ball. This is known as “basketball style” and it is how most soccer leagues play the game today. If you love watching and playing soccer but find watching other people without any shoes makes your toes go numb, this article is for you! It explains everything you need to know about what kind of game soccer is, how it is played and its different styles of

I have been a fan of the game of baseball since childhood. My older brother played in high school and college. I watched more than 20 games his senior year at North Carolina when they went to the College World Series. And even though I have moved away from home and left the country, my allegiance still remains with the hometown team. GAME OF CHAMPIONS! That's why when I heard that the San Diego Padres were bringing back their iconic black and orange uniforms for an 18th season, I was ecstatic. The black-and-orange look has become one of baseball's most recognizable uniforms, and for good reason: It's rock solid. This uniform looks like it has been around forever, which makes it even better considering how new many MLB teams are in