Giant Snowball Rush - Fun & Run 3D Game

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How To Play: Giant Snowball Rush - Fun & Run 3D Game

Using Mouse

About Giant Snowball Rush - Fun & Run 3D Game

Do you love snow? If you do, then this is the app for you! This fun, addictive, and beautiful winter game is a relatable experience for everyone. Have you ever been stuck at home during a blizzard and freezing to death? If not, then this game must be played. It’s like an entire new world has opened up around you and snowballs are your best friend. How to play: - Use the Arrow keys to direct the ball where it needs to go. - When you release the snowball it will go in one of four directions based on how close the target is. - The further away the target is the faster the snowball will fly. 

Fun and Snowballs galore! Get ready for the most epic snowball fight ever! Gather your friends and build the biggest snowball-throwing machine possible. Then, use your arsenal of devastatingly fun weapons to take on as many opponents as you can. But be careful, because once you start throwing snowballs at other players they’re bound to join in on the fun and start throwing snow at you. Have some fun, get a group of friends together and make your way through this crazy game.

Are you ready to spread the snow? Grab your friends, a bucket of fun, and… RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! The Winter Giant Snowball Rush Fun Run 3D Game is here! Race against the clock to get as many snowballs into the air as possible while avoiding the giant frozen balls whirling around you.